Momoyama takarazukushi

The fabric of the Momoyama period is characterized by its ornate colors and highly sophisticated techniques.

Sanshisuimei kacyouzu

The motif of the unique world of the Lin faction, I was woven as a bride costume incorporating a modern sense.

Keiun hanamonyou

In the pattern of the large chrysanthemum and the plum, the good pattern such as Qinghai Cloisonne is arranged.

Hyakka michinagadori jimonzukushi

Drew the flowers of the Four seasons which are infinitely in a classic.

Haru chiyo

Furisode girly collection.

Yabane hanatemari

In the Edo period, it was a good omen to have an arrow feather kimono during the wedding.

Irodori noshime

The flower which blooms in the innocence gives the impression which is dainty and gorgeous.

Noui kiretori soukamon

This was the theme of the free pattern expression of the Noh costume, and arranged an auspicious pattern which had been used from ancient times.

Futae bishi

Montsuki hakama is a clothing which is currently regarded as the first dress of men in japanese clothing.

Mame chiyo

FURISODE shows the twenty-one girl prettier than anyone else.

Kiku chiyo

The classic and the handle of the roundhouse and the vivid color. It looks like an antique kimono.

Yumezakura botanmon

The lovely cherry blossoms bloom in the clear sky, and the peony of a large flower spread to the running water blooms vividly, and drew such a fantastic scene in one costume.